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Gemstone Forecast | March

Welcome to the first of our monthly gemstone forecasts, from Crystal Healer and author Tamara Driessen aka Wolf Sister.

Wanderlust Life founder Georgie was introduced to Tamara via a mutual friend whilst in Portugal on a surf & yoga retreat. With a love of forging connections with like-minded people, Georgie was inspired by Tamara’s intuitive work with gemstones and her accessible approach to modern mysticism, an influence which is shaping the future of Wanderlust Life.

Follow her steps below, and let your own intuition guide you to the gemstone you should be wearing this month.

Before you choose a crystal: Close your eyes, take three slow, deep breaths to quiet your mind, ask ‘what will support me this month?’ and when you’re ready, open your eyes to look at the screen again. Which crystal are you drawn to the most? This holds your answer. You’ll find the crystal messages below: 

March gemstone forecast - amazonite, rhodonite, moonstone and tiger's eye

You’ll find the crystal messages below:  



I see you, holding out for the perfect conditions to try something new, make some life changes and take a leap of faith. The thing is; you might never have the ideal scenario so why not start before you’re totally ready? Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the high expectations that you have for yourself, break things down into realistic steps. What can you (realistically) do today, this week or this month towards your goal? It’s the small steps that add up to making big things happen; sometimes done is better than perfect and you’ll learn some valuable lessons along the way. If you knew that you’d be supported and couldn’t fail, what would you do?

Wear this Amazonite for new beginnings





If you’ve been feeling disconnected, overwhelmed and frustrated, step away from the hustle. The answers that you’re looking for won’t be found struggling through your (never-ending) to-do lists or on a screen either. It might feel counterintuitive to take some time off when there’s so much going on but you need to tune out to tune in. Your intuition has been trying to get your attention but it’s probably getting overridden with people pleasing, perfectionist and overachieving tendencies. You know that the magic happens when you aren’t pushing yourself: loosen your grip; let things come to you.


Wear this Moonstone to support you to find your flow again


Tiger's Eye

Comparison and imposter syndrome could be causing you to procrastinate on the things that really matter to you. Listen up: Nobody else is you; that’s your superpower. Stop second guessing yourself. It might be that you’ve taken on a lot and just need to delegate or outsource some tasks so that you can get back in your lane and focus on the things that will help you take things to the next level. There are only so many hours in the day (and you need to rest and sleep) so streamline your to-do list and prioritise the actions that will have the biggest impact on your goals. Create space for the opportunities that are coming your way.


Wear this Tiger’s Eye to help you feel more confident and stay focused



mantra of the month - march

 a conversation with wolf sister

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