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Your birthstone and you

Turn to stones

What does your birthstone say about you?

More than just a pretty gem, each birthstone is associated with its own unique properties and powers. Want to dive into your stone, its meaning and what it says about you? Read on for our rundown of a year’s worth of birthstones, perfect for giving… and for keeping!

Birthstone gemstones

Garnet for January. Mantra: Have Heart.

Wear garnet to garner your superpowers. A limitless source of positive energy, this stone is said to sharpen perception, promote self-confidence and endow courage. No need for a cape – this gem is the ticket to your own inner superhero.
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Amethyst for February. Mantra: Manifest Peace.

And breathe… For a focused and calm mind, amethyst is known for unleashing a sense of serenity onto scenes of chaos. Wearers typically grab onto this peaceful, grounding stone as a reminder of the power of letting go.
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Aquamarine for March. Mantra: Set Sail.

Pull up that anchor and get going. Aquamarines were traditionally used by seafarers as amulets to provide safety during voyages. So when life’s dragging you down, wearing these gems invites bravery and a sense of renewal.
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Clear Quartz for April. Mantra: Find Freedom.

Like a welcome gust of wind that clears the clouds away, quartz is symbolic of spiritual clarity. People who wear it are often keen on breaking free of limitations, and it’s useful when you’re setting your focus and manifesting a new intention.
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Emerald for May. Mantra: Rise up.

No one seems to have got eternal youth on lock just yet, but in the meantime you could do worse than turn to the powers of emerald. That rich green connects this gemstone with spring, renewal, harmony and balance.
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Moonstone for June. Mantra: Harvest Change.

Moonstones have been used for centuries as a charm to guide travellers to safety. But their benefits aren’t limited to physical journeys – this companionable keepsake provides support to people on a path of change and transformation.
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Birthstone gemstones

Ruby for July. Mantra: Be Love.

Save a little love for yourself. Sharing their crimson shade with the heart and blood, rubies are traditional symbols of love and vitality. Emblematic of passion and positivity, it’s also a go-to choice for those of us wanting to set fire to our own self-doubt.
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Peridot for August. Mantra: Dream Brave.

If health is wealth, then think of peridot as your own personal get-rich-quick scheme. The peridot is said to bring balanced emotions, wellbeing and restful sleep. They’re also useful stones for stirring up enthusiasm around new beginnings.
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Sapphire for September. Mantra: Choose Courage.

When you need answers, could heavenly hued sapphires hold the key? People tend to turn to this stone to unlock courage and positive thoughts. With their resemblance to dawn and dusk skies, sapphires are linked with the higher wisdom of the universe.
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Opal for October. Mantra: Love is All.

This little powerhouse of a gem is believed to gather thoughts and feelings, amplify them and bounce them out into the universe. With their reflective appearance, they’re a reminder that whatever energy you put into the world eventually comes back.
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Topaz for November. Mantra: Sow Power.

If in doubt, topaz it out. More than any other, this birthstone is believed to bolster self-belief, foster creative energy and help you have faith in the flow of the universe. An ideal pick for anyone in hot pursuit of abundance and good fortune.
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Turquoise for December. Mantra: Trust The Mystery.

When you want to get deep into letting go, turn to turquoise. Believed to harbour mystical qualities, these stones help clear the head for meditation and open the mind to the wonders of the universe. Added bonus: they also represent good luck and long life.
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