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White Diamond Stellita Collection

Stellita White Diamonds. Lab-created and limited edition.

5 facts about lab-grown gems

At Wanderlust Life, we’re excited to have started using lab-created diamonds for the very first time with the launch of our Stellita collection. What’s behind our decision to incorporate these gems into our work? Here are five facts that underpinned our move to go down the lab-created route.
1. Lab-created gems look real... because they are real

Diamonds, opals and other gems produced in a lab are every bit as real as those that have been spontaneously created beneath the Earth’s surface. Optically, natural and lab-created gems are identical.

2. Lab-created gems are genuine gems

Lab-created gemstones have exact same chemical compositions, crystal structures and physical properties of their natural counterparts.

1/50 Limited Edition lab-grown White Diamond Stellita Necklaces

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3. Lab-created gems are eco-friendly

Mining gems using traditional methods disturbs the Earth’s surface through explosives and machinery, uses water and creates waste. Producing gemstones sustainably in a lab environment avoids these detrimental effects on the environment.

4. Lab-created gems are an ethical option

Shifting soil and rock to find natural gemstones is very hard work that comes with a certain amount of danger. By growing gemstones in the controlled environment of a laboratory, any cost to human health is vastly reduced.

1/10 Limited Edition Lab-grown White Diamond Stellita Set £180Shop White Diamond Stellita Set £180

5. There are several alternative names for lab-created gems

A lab-created gemstone is one that’s been made in a laboratory and has the same chemical composition as its natural counterpart. You might also see them referred to as “synthetic”, “man-made”, “lab-grown”, “cultured” or “engineered” gems.



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