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Journeys | A conversation with | Jodie Kidd

This month we caught a moment of calm in the busy life of Jodie Kidd. Discovered as a model at the age of 15, she’s recently released a new book about her quest to find balance in a full-tilt world. Here she tells us about her creative pursuits, techniques for coping with stress, transformative travel experiences and love of Devon. 

When we started thinking about what to talk to you about, it became clear just how fast your life moves. Beyond being a model, you’re a racing driver, equestrian, kayaker, mountain climber, ballroom dancer, cook, gardener, author…
Yes! And publican, and owner of a skincare company…

Exactly! Hence the need for your new book, Balance Your Life, which covers fitness, recipes and ways to relax.
Yes, I really have to. Since becoming a fashion model at a very early age, it’s been a very full-on, high adrenaline lifestyle. I started suffering anxiety in my early 20s, so I needed to find the balance to be able to cope with that speed and pressure. I needed to find how to help me get that equilibrium. Moving to the country, growing my own vegetables, eating healthy food and just stopping – going for a walk or doing some exercise – became important to me.

The book is a six-week plan to help people achieve a calmer, healthier life. How did you come to shape the book this way?
The reason we brought the book out is that when you’re stuck in the hamster wheel of life, it’s very easy not to take care of your body. And then you start seeing your body becoming very highly inflamed, or you start getting ill, or you start getting anxiety and depression. Doing six weeks to bring your body and mind back into balance is like a control-alt-delete. Your body will love you for it, your mind will love you for it. Probably once every six months I do a screen and alcohol detox, focus on food and exercise, and really take care of myself. Then that gives me enough strength to go back at it full on again. That’s why I’ve always loved Wanderlust Life. Having some amethyst around you – it does make a difference.

That’s interesting – so you’re saying stones and jewellery are a part of your wellness philosophy?
I’ve always been such a big believer in the power of crystals. I’ve always made my own things to put round my neck when I travel, so it’s just lovely that there are companies like Wanderlust Life that do this. I love most things from Wanderlust Life – they all have a purpose, and I find that really beautiful. If they’re meant to be in your life, one will fall in your lap, it will find its way. Also they all have a meaning, so it all depends on where I’m going what I choose to wear. If I’m going to the pub and relaxing, I’ll wear rose quartz or amethyst. But if I need more protection or if I’m going into cities, it will be obsidian. If I’m pitching to a new investor, I’ll wear clear quartz. It all depends on where and what. That’s the beauty of it – there are so many different stones for different purposes.

Wanderlust Life is inspired by travel. As the ultimate jetsetter where has had the greatest effect on you?
I have to say India is the most incredible country. The culture is just extraordinary. It’s this mad combination of extreme poverty to incredible grandeur. Every time I go I’m doing charity work, getting down and dirty in the nitty-gritty, seeing how amazing these NGOs are, what they’re doing and how they’re helping people. When you come back, it makes you so much more appreciative of our life here. We’re so blessed. It just puts things in perspective. India is so rich in life and colours and experiences and views. I always come back very changed. Nepal had a similar effect. There’s something so immensely powerful about the foothills of the Himalayas. You’re in the shadow of this giant. The energy and the power that creates is just incredibly inspiring. I certainly feel it, and come back completely energised with new clarity. 

Your work and life put you on a plane on a regular basis, but it seems like a lot of these things – gardening, gemstones, the mountains – are inherently grounding. Is there anything else do you do to reconnect with the earth beneath your feet?
To walk barefoot is very important. The magnetic frequency puts you back in balance with the earth. You really shouldn’t have this kind of blocker on your feet. We’re all frequency – we are all stardust at the end of the day.

Are there things that you wear to help you feel centred?
Clothing-wise, my staples are a really nice pair of J Brand or Donna Ida jeans and a good comfy Topshop t-shirt. For travelling I’ve got a lovely Brora cashmere scarf. I don’t really use scents but I use aromatherapy oils. My scarf is already so infused with this aromatherapy blend that as soon as I put it on or use it as a blanket on a train or put it over my head on a flight, I automatically just feel very calm, very safe.

Even though exotic locations feature frequently on your travel itinerary, is it true that Devon has stolen your heart?
My partner is a Devon boy. I just feel kind of complete now when I go into Devon. It’s such a stunning county – the moor, the insane beauty of the rolling hills, the access to good-quality food, the light, the most amazing coastline. It’s very spiritual and a really good life. I can’t wait to move down. There’s something that I feel very, very connected to in Devon.

Wait, you’re moving here? Please open a pub!
Don’t worry, my eyes have been looking around. I’m thinking very, very seriously about it. I’m getting into my 40s now. I want to enjoy life a little bit, to make chutneys and jam and run a pub. It’s my idea of heaven – in Devon!

At what point are we going to be able to start calling you a national treasure? I feel like you’re still decades too young but already there in terms of achievements…
I think not! I’ve got a lot more to do first!

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