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Gemstone forecast | June

Shop the NEW Cosmos Collection with our gemstone forecast & find out what your stone says about you. Be guided by your own intuition to find the gemstone you should be wearing this month.
As we step into June we bring you our monthly gemstone forecast, from Crystal Healer & author Tamara Driessen aka Wolf Sister.
Be guided by your own intuition & discover the power of positive gemstones.
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Citrine gemstone


Citrine is the patron crystal for people-pleasers and procrastinators. Is it time to audit how many yes’ you’re saying to others vs saying yes to what you need to feel supported? You could benefit from flexing the magic word: no, more often. Don’t let guilt trip you up; ignore the “what ifs”. This is your permission slip to be unapologetic about putting yourself first (for a change). How can you be more devoted to yourself and your vision for the future? Make a promise to yourself and honour it. Remember: You deserve abundance in every area of your life. The first step to making your dreams reality? Make them a priority. 
Wear Citrine to remind yourself that you are (more than) enough.


Aquamarine gemstone


You might feel frustrated and impatient; tangled up with self-imposed deadlines and high expectations. There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious but make sure that your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. If it’s meant for you, it will happen. There’s no need to rush because nothing good gets away. Have faith in divine timing and loosen your grip on the things that you’ve been trying to control. Surrender. Rise above any conflict and come back to compassion: there are two-sides to every story.  It could help to communicate how you’re feeling; be honest about what’s truly triggering you. Things might not be as bad as they seem. 
Wear Aquamarine to support you to surrender to the process.


Garnet gemstone


Garnet is calling you to make your passions a priority and pay some attention to any areas of your life that are feeling lacklustre; this could include bringing sexy back. You’re more powerful than you could imagine. If you are feeling disconnected from your personal power, check-in with what’s holding you back. Is it a self-imposed limitation or self-sabotage? You have the choice to shift your perspective towards the things that you do have control of. Starve your distractions to feed your focus. When you put your mind to something; there’s no stopping you. Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.
Wear Garnet to commit to yourself and reignite your passions.



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