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Plastic Free | Tips from the team


Proudly North Devon plastic-free certified, and always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact as a brand, we love to use sustainable methods and responsible packaging for our jewellery, as well as sourcing our life store products from like-minded brands.
We decided to delve into the lives of our Wanderlust Life family and find out what steps they make to reduce plastic use at home to give our planet a little more TLC.
Here are our top tips from team WL…
Plastic free products for the bedroom
'I avoid buying clothes and accessories with plastic fabrics (i.e. acrylic, polyester, and lycra) and tend to buy pre-loved clothing from Depop and eBay'
Anna, Marketing
'After a long day, I love to burn scented candles, choosing soy & essential oil-based products that come in jars for a happier home'.
- Annabelle, retail
Plastic free products for the bathroom
'I use coconut or sweet almond oil as a makeup remover. It's usually sold in glass jars, re-useable & recyclable!'
- Eva, maker
'I switched to a natural deodorant that comes in a glass jar with a metal lid.'
- Jennie, Sunside Studio
'Using a moon cup instead of disposable feminine hygiene products has probably been one of my biggest decreases in products with hidden plastic'.
- Holly, admin & wholesale manager
'Washable bamboo cosmetic pads are a great way to cleanse and remove make-up at the end of the day.'
- Becky, head of making & design
Who Gives a Crap toilet paper is recycled and comes in a cardboard box with paper-wrapped rolls. They offer a free trial to encourage as many people as possible to switch to recycled toilet paper.'
- Anna, marketing
'I like to use Shampoo and Conditioning bars which last longer and are better for the environment.'
- Bryony, sales manager
'We use reusable baby wipes and ditch the disposables!'
- Helen, maker
'I’m all about soap instead of shower gel these days.'
- Annabelle
Plastic free products for the kitchen
'I order a local plastic-free veggie box delivery every week and save on packaging. I also make plastic ‘bricks’ to send off to Gobrik which is used as a building material in Africa.'
- Alix, maker
'I have a bit of a problem with jam jars...I can't throw them out! But they come in really handy for breakfast on the go, with smoothies or oats on firm rotation.'
- Jennie
'I make beeswax wraps for food & buy paper bags for snacks & packaging instead of cling film, try making your own wraps at home or buy online.'
- Emily, retail
'We get Ecover washing up refills locally at Nourish in Braunton, they also refill laundry liquid and fabric conditioner.'
- Helen
Plastic free products for on the goOn the go
'I carry a glass gemstone water bottle instead of disposable plastic and I’m never without my WL Solstice tote for any shopping needs.'
 - Georgie
'We always have a reusable coffee cup in the car/bag for those impromptu caffeine needs.'
- Holly
'The Refill App is a great way to locate spots to top up your reusable water bottle whilst out and about.'
- Jennie 
No excuse for single use… ;)

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