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Trend Report 2022: Stellar Investments for the Year Ahead

What's trending now


You know how some people are just one step ahead? That’s Becky, our head of new product development. When it comes to gems and jewellery, her cranium is basically a crystal ball. We asked her to share a forecast on all that’s new and what’s coming next.

Sea of Green


With its connection with the outdoors, green induces the feel-good effect of spending time in nature. From interiors to accessories, leafy tones are popping up everywhere in 2022. “During the pandemic, lots of us discovered how plants in the home seem to bring down stress levels and raise a smile”, Becky says. “That’s carried over into fashion, so alongside an uptick in interest in our sea glass chalcedonygreen amethyst and emerald pieces, we’re about to drop loads of new designs featuring green onyx.



Pick & mix metals



According to Becky, the strict matchy-matchy moment has passed. “We’re seeing a mashup of different metals as the emerging approach to stacking”, she says. Confident combos favour balance – a 50%-50% mix is a good way to build a look that comes off as both curated and unique. “We released our first silver pieces last year and people are loving them! We have more in the pipeline debuting in the spring.”


Personalised pieces


Interest in monograms, engraving and birthstones is on the rise, reflecting people’s priority on self-expression. As conversations starters, they also represent a starting point for human connections – something that took a bit of a beating during the pandemic. “There’s been a reaction to mass-market uniformity, so anything that features a personal, unique angle is hot right now”, Becky explains. “Our personalised fine cord necklaces have been a huge hit ever since we released them, so this year we’re adding engraving options, both for existing and upcoming collections.”


Go big! Then go bigger!!



People are embracing the sumptuous elegance of natural materials dispensed in big doses, so this year will see larger and larger gemstones coming to the fore. “Having a mass of one incredible texture or colour feels really luxurious, whether that’s in an interior or an outfit”, Becky says. “Our Porthole and Arcana necklaces add a lot of impact to a necklace stack, so we’re adding more pendants that incorporate big gem slices in the coming months.”

Lovely hearts


Comforting, playful and just a little bit kitsch, love heart motifs will be making a comeback and lifting moods as 2022 unfolds. “A love heart is such a warm symbol – I think it’s a little bit childlike and very happy. Following from the new Petit Amour collection that we debuted in January, we’ll be releasing more heart-shaped and love-centric pieces this spring. They’re really cute.”


Conscious Consuming



People everywhere are choosing to buy better, investing in meaningful pieces made from thoughtfully sourced materials when they can. “As consumers, we’re all trying a little harder to seek out products that don’t compromise on ethics”, Becky observes. “At Wanderlust Life, we’re excited to be able to use recycled silver and ethically-sourced gold – it just feels like the right thing to do. All of our makers are a really close-knit team, and I like to think that translates into jewellery that’s charged with good vibes.”

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