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The Year of Gemstones

A new start approaches, with 2020 being considered to be a year of positive change, discovering inner strengths and new beginnings. We map out the year ahead with our gemstone forecast...


1st Jan New year, new start
Birthstone - Garnet, a stone that promotes love, whilst energising and grounding us to earth. Start with your feet on the ground.

Leaping into 2020, we look to manifesting our goals & dreams for the year ahead. Need help keeping to those resolutions? Rutilated Quartz enhances willpower and the ability to start over whilst Labradorite helps support through change.

1st Feb Imbolc | 14th Feb Valentines
Birthstone – Amethyst, a calming gem that protects and soothes. A useful companion throughout year.

A month of love, but not just for lovers, it’s also the perfect time to celebrate yourself! Need some SLC (self-loving care) in your life? Let Rose Quartz give you a little love boost, encouraging inner kindness whilst gently opening the heart chakra. Starting over? Try Rainbow Moonstone, a lucky gemstone for new beginnings.


8th March International Women’s Day | 20th March Spring Equinox | 22nd March Mother’s Day
Birthstone - Aquamarine, a water born stone worn by many as a talisman of luck & protection.

March is a time to celebrate all things female. Gemstones that carry a particularly feminine energy make excellent tools for keeping us nurtured and supported throughout this month and beyond. Wearing Mother of Pearl invites a gentle, calming energy, whilst Larimar symbolises peace, tranquillity and love.

12th Apr Easter | 22nd Apr World Earth Day
Birthstone – Clear Quartz, a powerful and positive gemstone that amplifies energy, useful for a much-needed boost in spring.

As new life begins to bloom around us and the world wakes up to greener surroundings, our energies turn towards the earth. Malachite encourages a grounding connection and helps draw out impurities, whilst Tourmaline strengthens the mind and body, clearing out the old ready for the new. A spring clean for mind, body & soul.

1st May Beltane | 8th May May Day
Birthstone – Emerald, symbolising love, inspiration & wisdom.
As we watch spring gently merge into summer, we call upon our inner goddess to celebrate the abundance of flora and fauna that comes to life as the days grow warmer. Wear Lapis Lazuli to encourage creativity and self-expression, or Tiger's Eye to connect to the energy of the sun.

20th June Summer Solstice
Birthstone – Moonstone, a symbol of divine feminine energy, also known as the traveller’s stone.
June welcomes in the official days of summer with the celebration of Lithia. Draw the warm energy of the sun closer to you with Citrine, a gemstone that symbolises joy, love & abundance, or adorn yourself with Labradorite, the bringer of light.
Birthstone – Ruby, worn to encourage energy, passion & positivity.

During the month of July, we set out for adventure near and far, chasing the sun and taking our favourite gemstone companions with us as supportive talismans. Amethyst’s calming and soothing energy keeps us grounded whilst up in the air, whilst Pink Aquamarine offers luck and protection.
1st Aug Lammas Day
Birthstone – Peridot, a gemstone filled with positive earth energy, promoting clarity and wellbeing.
August is always a time for celebration. During the long, sun-soaked days and hot summer nights, we stay cool and collected with Dalmatian Jasper, a grounding & energising stone that encourages positivity, and pay homage to the bluebird skies with Turquoise, a stone for friendship, confidence and luck. 

21st Sept International day of Peace | 22nd Sept Autumn Equinox
Birthstone – Sapphire, encourages balance between heart & mind.

As the summer sun softly fades into Mabon and the leaves begin to crisp, we move peacefully into a season of rest and relaxation. Fluorite brings clarity, happiness & harmony to our souls whilst Blue Lace Agate calms and soothes for ultimate R&R vibes.

31st Oct Samhain 
Birthstone – Opal, opens the heart offering love & calm

The month of October invites us to lean closer into the cooler days of autumn and prepare for the transition to winter. We celebrate our ancestors and autumnal harvest with Samhain, and enjoy the last of the lingering sun with the hazy Indian Summer. To encourage free-flow of energy during the seasonal wind down, we wear Calcite and Quartz, both encouraging positivity and connection to loved ones, past and present.

Birthstone – Topaz, Inspires creativity and confidence

November, the perfect month to immerse yourself into the darker nights of winter with candlelight, salt baths and cooking slow food. A time for nurturing and self-care, we keep Rose Quartz and Amazonite close-by to soothe and replenish our hibernating souls. 

22nd Dec Winter Solstice | 25th Dec Christmas
Birthstone - Turquoise, a healing and protective stone that promotes luck & friendship.

With the arrival of winter comes a call for renewal, helping us prepare for the year ahead. The yuletide festivities are in full swing and at times can feel a little hectic. Stay calm and composed with Chalcedony or take time out for self-reflection before the new year with Lapiz Lazuli.

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