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Gemstone Forecast | April

Take solace in the power of positive gemstone properties & discover your stone of support for the month ahead, with a mantra to uplift, support & calm.

Introducing our second monthly gemstone forecast, from Crystal Healer and author Tamara Driessen aka Wolf Sister.
Take solace in the power of positive gemstone properties & discover your stone of support for the month ahead, with a mantra to uplift, support & calm.
Follow her steps below, and let your own intuition guide you to the gemstone you should be wearing this month.
You’ll find the crystal messages below:  
Labradorite collection


Self-sabotage can be sneaky; it might be masked as protection, research, tiredness or being too busy. The thing is, you aren’t getting any satisfaction and all of this procrastination is zapping your creative flow and blocking your intuition. I see you; scrolling… Looking for the missing piece to your puzzle? I hate to break it to you but the answer isn’t going to pounce on you through your phone screen. The epiphany that you’re waiting for isn’t on Instagram or YouTube. Unplug from your usual distractions and start doing things your way; forge your own path. Your best ideas are waiting for you to take action on them. Labradorite can help you seal up any energy leaks so that you’ve got more energy to explore the things that inspire you. 
Shop labradorite to call back your power

Wear Labradorite to call back your power...

You’re being called to switch gears: slow down, then slow down some more. At this new pace, you might notice things that would usually go under the radar. Conversations can become more meaningful and insightful. There’s a deeper sense of appreciation for the small things that you might’ve taken for granted before. This is an opportunity to cultivate more awareness with your relationships and the world around you; you could think of it as a wake up call and it’s asking you to be more conscious with your words, choices and actions. The activist within you is stirring; you don’t have to have all of the answers, yet. Take your time to work things out. Trust that progress is better than perfection. You can make more of a difference than you realise.

Wear Turquoise to guide you to find the calm within in a storm...

Rose Quartz
Wondering where the love has gone and trying to find a deeper connection? True love is an inside job; because when you learn to love and accept yourself unconditionally, you’re able to receive love in ways that you never imagined. It doesn’t matter how much someone adores you, if you ain’t feeling yourself. The first step? When you notice that you’re criticising yourself: say to yourself, “I choose to see this with love”. When you catch yourself judging others: say to yourself, “I choose to see this with love”. When you’re getting frustrated because life isn’t working out the way that you’d expected: say to yourself, “I choose to see this with love”. It’s time to let love in. Remember: you deserve to be loved and supported; just as you are. 
Rose Quartz Collection

Wear Rose Quartz to help you feel loved; anytime, anywhere...

Clear Quartz Collection
There’s a new beginning on the horizon and you’re being called to loosen your grip on the things that you’ve been struggling with or trying to control. Surrender to the process. Trust that what is meant for you won’t pass you by. Take this as your permission slip to start making your life easier. Energy flows where attention goes; focus on the things that can have a positive impact. Tune out of all of the distractions and come back to what’s truly important to you. This means streamlining your to-do lists and prioritising your self-care practises so that you’ve got space to catch your breath and tune into a goldmine of ideas. Clear Quartz is saying “less is more”. Keeping things simple is the key to finding your flow again. Clear Quartz

Wear Clear Quartz to support you to stay aligned with your positive intentions