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Life can be hectic. Lets re-word that. Life IS hectic. We live in a modern agse where the phone doesn't stop, the to-do list gets longer and we all forget from time to time that looking after ourselves inside and out is pretty damn important. For me, yoga has been my savour. When life starts to go a bit bonkers, taking time out to practice a bit of self care makes all the difference. 

There's a parallel between Wanderlust Life & yoga practice. Semi-precious gemstones are a signature to our jewellery, delicate and beautiful, but they also have a spiritual side, featuring in yoga, ayurvedic teaching and meditation.

Yoga Teacher Molly Robertson wearing Wanderlust Life | Image: Robin Beer PhotographyYoga Teacher Molly Robertson wearing Wanderlust Life | Image: Robin Beer Photography

Yoga Teacher Molly Robertson wearing Wanderlust Life | Image: Robin Beer Photography


With that in mind, chakras (translating as 'wheel' from Sanskrit) are the seven energy centres of the body - aligned from the crown of the head to the root of the spine. Chakra meditations focus each of these zones. Each area has its own category of emotion and is associated with nerve centres through out the central body. We can focus on one or all of these areas depending on our own self, and by keeping each chakra open and fluid we encourage a healthy flow of prana or life force throughout.

Semi precious gemstones and their healing powers have been used to support chakra meditation for thousands of years. Gemstones are made up of minute crystals that are in constant atomic motion - emitting frequencies and energy.

The gemstone's colour and make up can play a dynamic role in the stones energy - each have their own unique properties, some are known to heal, calm, purify; invigorate or vitalise. 

We've put together a collection of gemstone necklaces that support and accompany each chakra type. Wearing chakra stones can help to align and balance our 7 centres.